10 exciting game in Champions League history



Vocational entry winning 2-1 to give MU ngôi 1998-1999 championship season is not on the list vote of the Guardian (UK). Meanwhile, the number of bowel đuổi billion between Chelsea and Liverpool last week only at the fifth position.

10. Deportivo 4-3 Paris Saint Germain (second round table season 2000-2001).

Starting from the number of open mendicity billion by Jay-Jay Okocha, PSG (red, blue shirt) wins flowers, recorded 2 more tables again falling through the legs of the Laurent LeRoy, to lead 3-0 after 55 minutes play and Riazor still silent courtyard. However, in more than 30 minutes late match, cu hattrick with phase marked by the money from the pre-chair Walter Pandiani the inception phase with the other's Diego Tristan helped Deportivo win 4-3 against.

9. Milan 4-0 Barcelona (Final season 1993-1994).

Hours before rolling in, most predictions about the championship are leaning xứ Catalan club. Settle with bright stars like Koeman, Stoichkov and Romario, Barca's Johann Cruyff think they will quickly crush a general in Milan què interesting products out captain Franco Baresi. But Milan's Fabio Capello taught for a competitor on the effectiveness of e-mail when football bedroom assigned very reasonable. Two goal by Daniele Massaro Club helps lead Italy 2-0 in an agreement. Savicevic billion increase over the number of 3-0 with a tire through the first cú Goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta. Desailly (white shirt) who reunite victory Hoanh white phase out the trap việt, record tables in 59 minutes.

8. MU 4-3 Real Madrid (from the turn of the season 2002-2003).

Real Madrid play one game of their best in the era of "galaxy range" when the show first football attacking full horsepower of around three zidane - Figo - McManaman in the middle ground and make the Old Trafford ground to clap appreciative when people outside the planet "Ronaldo a hattrick to cú Fabien Bathez network. MU players but also one of the best match in the European Cup. Van Nistelrooy you try to record 14 in his Champions League that season, Beckham established cú double. Plus an og by Ivan Helguera, MU win 4-3 before the first high ngẩng leaving the game with a losing 5-6 overall.

7. Dynamo Kiev 3-3 Bayern Munich (sold to turn away in 1999).

Shevchenko put up double-cú beyond Kiev 2-0 lead after 43 minutes. Bayern regain a public thanks to Michael Tarnat immediately before halftime with a penalty cú Lose Superior Oldest ly 35 meters. But only 5 minutes later two co, Vitaliy Kosovksyi to help Kiev reestablished between 2 months to discuss. To 78 minutes, "Hum gray" shorten the number of 2-3 billion thanks to falling cú fined by fences captain Effenberg. However, till 89 minutes, the game up to the top new drama of the points Carsten Jancker exit Holovko, cut points in the lower right leg Shovkovsky subjects, determined mediation results 3-3.

6. Valencia 5-2 Lazio (from the season turns to 1999-2000).

Cu hat-trick of money to Gerarld Lopez (white shirt) is the leading factors that make up the difference between winning successor in this game. He first recorded in table 4 minutes, only 2 minutes after the open Angulo billion number for the owner field Mestalla. While Simone Inzaghi remove a table and then the last match, Marcelo Salas is also a network depopulate tung Valencia, Lazio still collapse quickly when Gerald Lopez recorded 2 more tables and Claudio Lopez finished 5-2 victory for representative La Liga.

5. Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool (four turns of the season 2008-2009).

Understand each other too after the first time for naivete in front of Europe the past few seasons, the two British teams have cause unexpected when creating a match for so vibrant. Liverpool lead 2-0 after an agreement re-birth and hope to continue to sell. But Chelsea shows in the excellent record the three line from 52 to 76 minutes. Three goal by Lucas, Kuyt Lampard and nearly 15 minutes late was shut in the earth billions tag number most attractive Champions League history.

4. Chelsea 4-2 Barcelona (turns round about 1 / 8 season 2005-2006).

Eidur Gudjohnsen, Frank Lampard and Damien Duff recorded three line table, put Mourinho's team led 3-0 after only 19 minutes play. Ronaldinho remove the 2 tables, with a result and a penalty phase shake people react in bizarre, but Barca still can not turn situation. By up to 76 minutes, John Terry set winning 4-2 to Chelsea with a stinger beautiful. Previously, Goalkeeper Petr Cech also tỏa morning when continuous 3 week about the situation tưởng edition of ten by ten Belletti, Puyol and Iniesta.

3. Deportivo 4-0 Milan (since the turn of the season 2003-2004).

When not to show the Milan liquid and climb to a lack of focus in the first 44 minutes in the game Riazor. Deportivo thus recorded in line three of you remember Pandiani, Luque and Juan Valeron, available in proportion to the number of them in two turns of the match was 4-4 (Milan win 4-1 in the turns at San Siro). In the mood let through, to Milan in a lose again in 76 minutes. Deportivo on sale with the total number of 5-4 billion.

2. Juventus 2-3 Man Utd (You turn on the season 1998-1999).

Roy Keane is the people mentioned most in the match this cấn gay. Not only transmission determination for the team leaders role, money is on Ireland and the specific mental khuất any of the MU that goal with 2 minutes at 24 and 34, remove the small hours between Juventus created previously with cú Inzaghi's double in just 11 minutes first match. Just keep them notorious billion a 3-3 at them (the two teams take turns Republic 1-1 at Old Trafford), MU is going to file them because the law field goal guests. But they are not satisfied to stop there. To 84 minutes, from a phase coordination between the selected user with Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole easily lower Goalkeeper Peruzzi home, reunite memorable victory for "The Red".

1. Liverpool 3-3 Milan, Liverpool win 3-2 in penalty series (Final season 2004-2005).

Liverpool thought they all hope when Milan turn up to lead 3-0 with the inception phase of Maldini and Crespo. 6 minutes, but "crazy rồ" agreement between the two teams have returning from England cõi death removed the Republic 3-3 thanks to Gerrard, Smicer and Xabi Alonso. Series of stone steps to save the rotation, the phase of superior strengths, including situations cú falling speed of 11 meters Shevchenko, Goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek big help and contribute to create the Liverpool back line and does not represent Google.


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