Alan Shearer "by soldiers of Second Newcastle" - messages of any feasible


Hiddink was show a little respect for the the young Newcastle side, when a layout of the team's natural bedroom. Is too much for the eyes of Alan Shearer, one of the central courtyard as St James'Park player, but the more he must still learn a lot with the coaching chair.

There are 3 player central labor protection (Ivanovic, Alex, and Terry) in the front frame of Petr Cech, with consequences on Serbia trấn to keep wings. Hiddink also careful use of a Double Obi Mikel and Essien gave money to bedroom. Kalou stone back, Lampard and not only Chelsea player with a style plug is Anelka.

Newcastle have been playing across ngửa with Chelsea in the first 45 minutes, during which the piste in the streets, Shearer continually spoke to assistant HLV Ian Dowie, long long is muttering to arbitration table. More than 20 years "shorts shirt number", 3 years comment for BBC, Alan Shearer is not free to turn as football?

Was very long then, Michael Owen and Obafemi Martins in the new wing on to the Newcastle attack. And clearly, not just in 45 minutes but United 1 United 2 minutes 45, nearly two to one with a child this is not in the same conveyor. Shearer said that in the epilogue to before Newcastle fans that he put faith in the former soldiers. Owen, Martins or Butt, who he has to sub?

Ferguson has been successful in using the alternate former soldiers such as Giggs, Paul Scholes or Gary Neville in the team's stars of the MU Butt or Owen is forced to run, to go rob the ball with your feet is not incubative injury and languorous when partners do not have the match. Martins is, he really lonely.

Chelsea 45 minutes to score goal, 45 minute stop in Newcastle has a match with the horizontal ngửa "The Blues" is 45 minutes Hiddink John is a very big trap to trap "injection site only."

Newcastle determination, but Chelsea are level than. (AP).

Chelsea have lost 34 in a match 74 times as guests on the course St James'Park, and lose a match again, if any, will be entirely destructive ambitions who the Premier League championship. Hiddink was forced to the full. When Shearer recognize only gives teams the North East region confidence exceeds their ability, the Netherlands Lampard has come up front.

Not very familiar with every brand of tuxedo, Shearer hide flurry with stylish saucy as he claims high telecommunication West, mouth chewing chewing-gum, and two hand bags break. Chris Houghton and Calderwood, 2 temporary right before Shearer to, sitting pillow modern look and modern assistant Ian Dowie whispering strategies, when Chelsea start to increase pressure in the United 2.

The Newcastle player was clearly pumped a doping dose of positive mental strength, but at the top of the Premier League, at the first decision is all. Shearer has the right to completely complained arbitrators not recognize a valid goal by Newcastle, but he evade that question, "injection site only" have to win Chelsea.

Shearer can not answer, but who can predict that any future settlement of Newcastle ...


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