Anelka' fear in Chelsea


Capital with the eerie, Anelka recognize the address as he's afraid to dieng is standing for the singing team at Chelsea when the new club in West London from month to Man City 1 / 2008.
Run scared to sing before the team, but Anelka also aware enough to play tips when implementing formal launch at Chelsea.
Anelka (between) does the same with Ronaldo MU's top player list recorded by Foreign discussed in class this season (15 goal).

"Sing Music for me is a positive image, making me feel stress more than anything in football. Even when faced with the subjects for the period from 11 meters, I can not feel fear as khiếp sitting in a chair and singing away before the eyes of that team, falling 30 feet to disclose documents on the Icon ( France).

Songs where Anelka to select the song is a rap in French. In fact, here is a tip that money in this long in the face through a team player by the French in Chelsea when he is not much. And therefore, no one understands Anelka was singing what.

The novelty of soldiers to the eye by a show of Songs that have long been a tradition of service in Stamford Bridge ground. Any time a new player to be implemented into law any of this.


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