Barca - Bayern Munich 4-0


To Iniesta in the previous access by the Bayern Munich player
It can be concluded, 98% ability to Barca will have a match in Champions League quarterfinal second consecutive

They were waiting, that the difficulties, the spirit of steel in Germany "the hum gray" Bayern Munich will Troi up to at least also shows that Guardiola in one match in four rounds of the Champions League difficult to do so.

But the carrots, all teams that greatest of Germany also do not is better than the Valladolid, Almeria, Malaga, Deportivo or Lyon is, that is melting and soon after let guns only have the first 45 minutes.

European Cup or the King, Bayern Munich or Valladolid, Barca josh all. That the objective, and should also feel for Klinsmann. Nature was not a specialist organizations bedroom, this time he has to go to Nou Camp with a capital "tattered" the extent possible, take both the central vệ Lucio, Van Buyten and run to the wings Philip Lahm, who only in Bayern's team is to be able to make easy for Messi.

There Lucio and Lahm, Bayern's frame to be the radical of Dzeko and Wolfsburg's Grafite "cày" for to us, they have not, ask how strong the network Butt (to match this change Rensing) trấn can keep intact be attacked in front of data from three of Henry, Eto'o and Messi, who has previously written to the 81 goal for Barca on all front.

And reality, just 3 of them in collaboration with each other well enough to Barca 4 lane tan Bayern's strong network in the United 1. In the first table, a situation quite intricate rounds before banning initiated in Iniesta, Eto'o quick leg conveyor for ball out Messi down comfortably with a lower Butt milk ball gently. The second to 3 minutes later, turns to channel for choc Messi Eto'o out and trap việt "string metal" Butt. To 38 minutes, the ratio was 3-0 for Barca, this time to Henry turns to create a record for Messi table. 5 minutes later, the money of the French tung Finishing touches fate of "Hum gray" after arbitration Webb Barca to be allowed to enjoy advantages in the situation over to Van Bommel on the team's old Messi.

People who hứng tung, the goal of the three Henry, Messi, Eto'o Barca's record together is now up to 85, a significant number of dreams with the championship yet.

With this result, Bayern have changed a few victims for Sporting, the team has been killing them with the 5-0 ratio in the dark From the turn to go, but few of them in the course Barca are "close". Still know that in football nothing is not possible, but some people do not dare hope for a lội back in line for Bayern Munich.

It can be concluded, 98% ability to Barca will have a match in Champions League quarterfinal second row. Only hope, they will not pay the price too expensive for a gold card that must get Messi in this match after he said that Webb and food (also because the response data in situations that Guardiola has been invited to loft sitting). /.


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