Casillas decry the quality of Real Madrid


According to the evaluation of goalkeeper Iker Casillas, the Royal Club can add more to the quality can again become a powerful force in Europe.

Real Madrid has two consecutive La Liga championship and tag bám Barcelona in the race who throne by the country this year. However, have 5 seasons in a row, "Ken ken white" are enabled from the beach right from the Champions League within 1 / 8.

Ê failure of the total number of 0-5 billion before Liverpool for Real Madrid are found in lower level than compared to many of the in Europe. Situation is really sad that the cause Iker Casillas's not from the complaint. Casillas said that Real need to make a revolution personnel to change their face.

Speaking on the website, Casillas acknowledges: "I think Real Madrid would be strengthened if the want to become a powerful empire. In Europe, there are many teams in large and high level than us.

It is true that Real Madrid must acknowledge brave. We do not so much for the excellent breeding ambitions to progress far in Europe. And that is the reason that Real Madrid are often removed from Champions League very soon. "

In addition, "to Iker" also expect Real Madrid to maintain and develop systems and training children: "I believe that Real Madrid must continue to develop training for the children by that will help the club long-term development and sustainable. Currently, many talents of Castilla furnaces are pillars of a number of clubs in Division primera. I think must have at least 3 young player the club is playing in the Figure 1.

Finally, Casillas show very proud because of the great work for their team at Euro 2008 TBN "championship on the European level DTQG mean really great work that our country has been waiting since the long. I am happy because TBN are a strong group with many excellent player. And the team is to target higher than in South Africa in 2010. "


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