Chelsea-Liverpool: two tigers


Fate Draconic has two gã Premiership giant's Resolution on the death. A game promises more emotions when in recent years, both by continuous kèn together on many front.

This is because in the Champions League should go through a temporary gác sides for the first time in the domestic good and one that many people wonder why in recent years, Chelsea and Liverpool meet again or at Champions League so. In this first season, from Mourinho and Benitez on board the UK is the 4 seasons ago bóng, 2 teams have a total of 8 times encounter in Champions League (now the Inter Mourinho was also Benitez is still in the Anfield).

In 8 of the top full of grace debt đấy achievement is quite balanced when the two teams have won 2 and 4 times dickens. But only a li, Liverpool is the team lead for first two types of Chelsea from the Champions League in season 04/05 and 06/07. Also new this year only, the Blues have to pay the debt with the red after win over two turns of the total number of 4-3 billion in sales and then lead the London team is Avram Grant. Also present will be Hiddink ...

Promising phase in many online

Natural time Liverpool, Chelsea mine, so is the Republic?

The red will be assessed higher than in the first two teams to see if the room recently. Benitez troop of gore are hung the air after winning control in all the schools. Before winning two giant gã Liga, Real Madrid have made visible to all team areas with the eyes Merseyshire e fear. While in the Premier League, Chelsea has shown that short of breath in the race with the MU Liverpool are showing that they are ready to usurpation of DKVD.

But the advantage is of course Chelsea, from now to 12 months after Arsenal failed before a team can leave Stamford Bridge with three points in hand. Under the stroke of Hiddink, The Blues have taken back the image of yourself, a team of the big game, Juventus are sure to understand this too clearly. And the usual people will wait the screen's two strategic top world today, Benitez-Hiddink.

The key of victory

The two sides are not too many confuse the issue is how the layout of how to specifically in the calculation of both. With their floor sure Chelsea will have to attack us find you want to win, if not met in many unfavorable match turns on, while Benitez admits that a goal on the course for that is the key to the door selling results.

However, Liverpool will not wild that springiness that very attack at training, instead is a slow game certainly in the first minute. And so the median is the retail đọ health. Who understand the area median will be many advantages and is the number of Lampard - Gerrard, winner will open the way for victory by the team. But all are predicted by theory with the actual foot Lose the damage as Torres or Drogba when fate game to be won by a simple phase ball. The consequences will defend to concentrate on avoiding mistakes and if you do not want to bid. One Republic match prices?

24h predict 1-1

Starting projected

Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Terry, Carvalho, Cole, Essien, Ballack, Lampard, Kalou, Drogba, Anelka

Liverpool: Reina, Arbeloa, Carragher, Skertel, Aurelio, Macherano, Alonso, Gerrard, Riera, Kuyt, Torres


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