England and Italy from UEFA Cup


Success in the Champions League how much water he bowl loss in UEFA Cup when this much is a team that in the semifinal.

Similarly, the last representative of Italy is also the type of Ukraine, and the variables of the two quarterfinal match of the two countries of Germany and Ukraine.

Ukraine excited when two representatives of the Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev was the first time to sell the lot, but have to type the same in the first round this.

The semifinal match will be the rest of the people of Germany as Werder Bremen and Hamburg are going to turn the match on rạng this morning.

Shakhtar beat former European Championships Marseille 2-1 to win the total number of 4-1 billion, while Kiev overcome Paris Saint-Germain 3-0 on the floor after the mediation does not win in the match turns.

Meanwhile, Diego continues to display the impressive room in turns to go to double-cú Udinese grid to take the match 3-3 hòa Bremen, thereby winning them 6-4 for the Germany team.

3 while the rate of 4 sales representatives in the Champions League, the UK do not have a representative in the quarterfinal round of UEFA Cup Manchester City Hamburg is the type with a total number of 4-3 billion project was winning 2-1 in turns to match rạng this morning.

Semifinal rounds will take place on 30 / 4 and 7 / 5. Bremen and Kiev will play on the floor in turn to match. Match them with a team between Germany and a Ukraine team will take place on 20 / 5 in Istanbul.


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