Ferguson lest threat from Porto



While acknowledging MU will have difficulty in match turns before Porto, but Sir Alex will hope his team will not win event of bankruptcy of the British team on the course Dragao of all dragons. "

History takes on Team Portugal first round match of the four turns of the Champions League with MU, the team has not earned any English victory on the course at Porto's European Cup, but this is the right DKVD do, or at least they must have 2-2 billion digitize up to entertain continue. However, Porto is not a team to the failed war on the floor when the season opens they have to lose at Dynamo Kyev round table. And that is the basis for the master Sir Alex hopes to create history.

Sir Alex (right) and the Vietnamese Dong Jesualdo Ferreira Porto side in the match to turn

The biggest concern for the team of Sir Alex is still the talent in South America's Porto team, and they have caused many difficulties for the match DKVD turn right on to Old Trafford ground.

"Porto is a team play very xao come, especially on their floor. Presences player of Brazil and Argentina has been to plunge bén also flexible as long on the course," Sir Alex to .

"Even so, they can still lose match. They have lost at Dynamo Kiev round the table and Arsenal easily beat the field Emirates.
"Time of Éric Cantona, we have beat Porto 4-0 on the Old Trafford ground, but then the match 0-0 in mediation Portugal. Recent game with Porto was not successful as expected when we first loser José Mourinho, but now they have a team totally different. "


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