Hiddink revealed secrets Liverpool win


Guus Hiddink, and surely the Blues can win convincing 3 - 1 at Anfield as they control by successfully toả two key Gerrard and Torres for "The Red".

After the game with Liverpool, and the strategic Netherlands, said: "We are the priority tasks of the two control tỏa the key is their Gerrard and Torres. Michael Essien is the key to our protection money in the row. he not only follow the Gerrard anywhere to start, but a source for many first attacked by Chelsea. "

Master HLV Hiddink has the game extremely successful at Anfield. Photo: AP.

Write the three tables on the course and was playing battlefield decision following a week in at Stamford Bridge, is clearly understanding the Blues advantage in the rival to sell tickets with Liverpool.

HLV Hiddink show very satisfied with the results of this game simultaneously acknowledges his team had a display can not show more than a great location right at Anfield.

While so, the military cầm the Netherlands still show quite carefully before turn on the battlefield: "We must be very focused in the game. The player is not allowed the owners, by the Liverpool many times to create the opposite line lội history. "

In match turns on, "The Blues" will not have the service center vệ provost John Terry is suspended hours. However, it does not worry HLV Hiddink. He said that the Chelsea player many other excellent fully able to replace Terry.

Finally, HLV Hiddink said he believes his team fully enough conquering both front rank British Foreign and Champions League in season this resolution.


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