Juventus find Next day delay Nedved Good Technology


Department of school left wing - the position always requires speed and platform can force the man, but at age 36, Nedved is to ensure that 2 factors. Moreover, after nearly 20 Walking peak, the former money to start this languorous feel, and who want more time for family. That is the reasons that he will share hands and Juventus finished the end of this season.
Sunday, 5 / 4

Atalanta - Fiorentina 13h00

Cagliari - Catania
Palermo - Torino
Roma - Bologna
Juventus - Chievo
Reggina - Genoa
Siena - Lazio
Sampdoria - Napoli

Udinese - Inter

Milan - Lecce
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But the leaders Juventus do not think so. Two years after the return from Serie B club Torino's still in the stage, to new heights through a new phase similar honor with negative scandal before summer 2006. And they still are in need of player level, experience and impact as Nedved. From the strategies, HLV Ranieri also believe that people aged Czech Prime Minister is still very useful for the team, thanks to creative ability, the label of the parties, experienced, although force may be less than the player in ages under 30.

"Due to a series of key positions stick injuries, in the past week in, I have arranged Nedved at center ice to protection money. The position is not new, he, by this summer, when the team needed, Nedved has several times as a player. Who you know, it may, this is the opportunity for us to convince a player Nedved for Juventus again suspended and new shoes. I will have he money to the center before Chievo wait and see what happens then, "Ranieri HLV share.

"I personally and very Juventus Nedved admiration. We would be very pleased if convinced he is back on retirement plans. Juventus are not the people he replaced. The recruiting goals mentioned almost this is for other positions, "he added when referring to Hamsi, Ribery and David Silva, 3 super stars are blowing Don will be on Juventus in the summer this alternative role of Nedved.


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