Liverpool call, MU answer?


Only a win can help Manchester United to claim the top from one hand Liverpool. However, not all to easy to master the HLV Ferguson.

Want to match between the difficulty

The Liverpool win first game at fulham last night Manchester United made to bear enormous pressure before the message with Aston Villa. Ferguson Master in only a road victory can top this one again, while a failure can be protected dreams ngai Gold's "The Red" tan clouds of smoke. But because the main task to win it, it may cause your feet's to the MU more heavy and less flexible.

Have time for that one title at the season opens this year is sure in the MU, so that after two rounds of all the stories have changed completely. Two consecutive failures before fulham Liverpool and make dreams your master Championships in Liverpool Ferguson was seriously threatened. While strong oral statement should not have criticized MU, but certainly in the heart of the MU are not worried from the Liverpool matches are on as contract.
Liverpool call, MU answer?

Tevez will be the main customers of the MU

11 match kept clean system, by the MU to be praised as steel walls sacred but the fine has since disappear after two previous failed Liverpool and fulham. The failure of a death that the MU represented Vidic made the fan's "The Red" really worried. When customers do not fire loony as good season last year, the row is the power to help MU fly high, but the hours they are walls, the blood and death.

Correct at the time of this difficulty, the MU missing out a series of pillars. They said that MU is flying high thanks to a team's depth there, but time really Ferguson also pain with personal items of the missing series of key factors. Vidic, Scholes and Rooney are not tennis can do is hang time. Forerunner Berbatov will also absent, the recovery time less trauma. Missing Roonay and Berbatov, write your business "on" for Tevez, Ronaldo and the "handful đấm from money to goods. While in the goods, an Evans and talented children will be with Ferdinand to form bedroom walls first frame of Van Der Sar.

MU is in the difficulty. Right. But this is also the time to troop HLV Ferguson's show a range of the needle championship. The rest of the MU is not as "regular" and they are eager to put the winning team back to winning mạch familiar.

A team can not fight boomed during good seasons, and the MU are down after a long time promoted flower is very normal. It is important that teachers have the HLV Ferguson knows how to bừng provinces or not.
Liverpool call, MU answer?

HLV Ferguson will help refine Villa overcome MU?

Barcelona have also come down after the explosion sequence match in the master Pep Guardiola has taken the time of their room and now they are candidates for cost sáng ngôi La Liga championship. Barcelona also considered a good example for MU. If the circuit in time get the victory, seeing in HLV Ferguson also not be too worried about Liverpool.

Add that with the chair of the steering MU aged Ferguson is a village and experience. With more than 20 years of sticking with Old Trafford, the strategy on Scotland's tasting was all difficult to be sure he would have to know how to bring MU back. MU to go, to Ferguson. Called Liverpool, Manchester United ready to answer.

Starting plans:

MU: Van der Sar, Evra, Neville, Ferdinand, Evans, Ronaldo, FLETCHER, Carrick, nani, Giggs, Tevez.

Aston Villa: Friedel, Reo-Coker, L. Young, Cuellar, Davies, Petrov, Barry, Sidwell, Milner, A. Young, Agbonlahor.


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