Liverpool - Chelsea: When the time change other



4 in previous seasons, Liverpool have never rated higher for Chelsea even though they carry nickname "king of rock end." But good season this year when the other team can field at Anfield is a power in Europe makes ngả hat to bow with the victory reverberate across the front.

Grace and it was secure Liverpool and Chelsea together

Europe seems too small when Chelsea and forced Livepool to 3 times in 4 seasons by recently to encounter each other in a knock-out rounds in the Champions League. Before the enlargement of the powerful Premiership, fans have gradually familiar with skirmish fire emerged between Chelsea and Liverpool. Hơi will say that when the fate was secure Liverpool and Chelsea together for the salary and grace that the following additional "grace and creditors."

3 times before encounter, Liverpool, under the lead of Benitez, who is par as "king of rock end" has to go 2 times, rest times of Chelsea. It is said that in the season that opens The Kop has always been regarded as his vulnerable not only because of human factors, but also in the prestige of the military when Mourinho cầm always rated higher than level 1 Benitez. So that way by hard-headed and play a simple but no less effective, the Kop to the island in 3 life with the Blues

Currently, there are still Benitez, Mourinho, but it did not stay with the Stamford Bridge ground. Liverpool of today is very different years ago. Team port city is the UK as a ship with speed speed super seeds strike all the requisite front to back. After dark match winning 4-0 at Real Madrid before turn on within 1 / 8 Champions, brigade duds straight step. Turn Manchester United (4-1), Aston Villa (5-0) and fulham (1-0) have failed to become Prime Minister before the destruction to leave the Kop. See Liverpool play recently, who can feel the power of their total force to the dreadful time. In any game, and Benitez's pupils are always working on the front, ready to break with the pieces, but it quickly filled with active and not to the competitor has the opportunity to form only when the gong to his to Defend.

Body height of Liverpool who have their advantages in the match to turn?

Chelsea do not show is the strength to leave like that. While Hiddink with color allowed by a flood three has a different green, deep and clear than the first green and murky that Scolari has previous draw, the Blues could not find the effect which has as Mourinho is in the position. Under the dynasties of Hiddink, Chelsea gradually return to efficiency is simple but the maximum is sure way of playing was the re. The victory before Manchester City 1-0 or 2-0 before Newcastle still have something that fragile to break easily at any time. Probably because the terms of the room now, Chelsea is who is considered vulnerable than Liverpool, especially when the team port city is playing on home ground Anfield.

This season, the Liverpool Chelsea win in 2 turns on the battlefield and in the Premiership (1-0 and 2-0). In terms of the current, while Liverpool only missing out only Marcherano time is suspended for Chelsea do not have the dual consequences of the Portugal is because Carvalho and Bosingwa injury. Missing Marcherano, Benitez still have Xabi Alonso, but Chelsea will have less choice of goods in the Hiddink when forced to choose Belletti and Alex, the player is never the optimal choice. As the place to make sure the The Blues have decreased significantly with this big disadvantage.

Strong points of Chelsea at this time is to defend the money from Mikel, Ballack, Essien and Mikel. Since the back after nearly 5 months of maintenance to commercial, Essien to act as a server when cày who do not know tired in the middle ground. Not so the "Vienna ngọc black" Ghana is the contribution of the valuable goal for the Blues with 2 phase in the system to Juventus and Manchester City. The back of impressive Essien Lampard also for confidence in the role of a conductor of acceptance. And this is reason to believe in the Hiddink they may be different to the factors Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt or Riera, who play as "on contract" during the last more than a month.

But trust is only based spirit and motivation to fight the practice many times have proven to have faith is not enough. Tonight when Liverpool are fully focused to 3 factors: the natural (room are high dispose), mine (floors Anfield), Republic of (full of the most powerful), The Kop is ready biến Chelsea 3 second consecutive season in his resolution failed to become Prime Minister.

Starting plans:
Liverpool: Reina - Arbeloa, Skrtel, Carragher, Aurelio - Alonso, Lucas - Kuyt, Gerrard, Riera - Torres
Chelsea: Cech - Belletti, Alex, Terry, A Cole - Mikel, Essien, Lampard - Malouda, Anelka, Kalou


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