M.U 2-2 Porto: Old Trafford again sad!


The championship of the needle can not be won in the match with four turns to face Porto, they are even advantages to fall into the hands of representatives of football Portugal to the network to two cold day in Theaters of dreams ...

The winning idea suffocate before Aston Villa within the framework of the first 31 Premier League will make you have the confidence and momentum psychological renaissance conversely can easily overcome Porto match in the last four turns of the Champions League . But what do the DKVD former first team championship in 2004 simply Basket in two words - "sorry raising" ...

Rooney and MU have a game not as Y (Photo: Internet)

Porto boldly use the team's 4-3-3 and put up attack right from the first minute. The attack phase is biên Porto examination of a regular cause of MU's team is pushing on quite deep. Chain eyes and in every bedroom of the Red Evans is continuing to have a mistake when phase affected not only good now banned within the balloon caused by foot to find Cristian Rodriguez. Cu ended with the points in the left leg of the money is too dangerous to the cause hóc Van der Sar was whether the size of the bay but can not prevent bankruptcy. The number is open to the guests a complete surprise when the game just passed the Vỏn vẹn 4 minutes.

Be take you on the field, MU make those they love living in the real sense of security has been too many recently. But when your main Red worried the most fortunate again smiling with them. 10th minute, wrong featherbrain of a bedroom Porto Rooney put in a situation can not easily bring in money and clothing of the 10 team owners calm ended points record you type in a situation with a goalkeeper Helton.

Have been removed hoà, MU recover the confidence which has its start and controlled the match better. However, Porto, showing that they are not a competitor vulnerable to bullying while continuously exploiting weaknesses in the anti-bubble phases of team owners. Football is often developed in two minutes and then blocked to cause a row within the MU's show is quite confusing. No goal is to write more when United play the first close-up.

Hiep two, MU matches with a sure and control the center line. Situations coordination team owners even quite beautiful, but still lack the resolution needed to predict can be created with variables. Sir Alex Ferguson in turn tung Giggs, Tevez and Neville to come with hope that the experience of the main three will help Mu mediation is congestion in the attack as well as more aware of the tasks bedrooms.

This has in part to promote effective when Tevez with the cutting surface and all the professional logistics team vệ guests to cut cú tense following the standard across the field from the right of Wayne Rooney. Cu Lose forerunner of Argentina who is perfect and almost no chance to goalkeeper Helton can prevent bankruptcy. The number was increased to 2-1 when the host only to a second 85 minutes.

MU tưởng as understand the victory in hand, but the heart of a bedroom to have them pay a very expensive price. 89 minutes, the money to replace the field at the end of the agreement the two sides Porto - Mariano Gonzalez kick ended cú points hiểm hóc now within prohibited to lower guc Van der Sar and make the Old Trafford ground to be banned still. 2-2 billion number is the final match and turn the page back to Portugal's Porto is your goal than the gold record on the course delegates.

And the DKVD, they have the owner and not retain the maximum concentration during the game. The moment of households are for the exploitation to a thoroughly. Who can not even be winning matches on the floor, MU even face challenges with very large turn of the match in the Portugal. May affirm, that as hoà MU lost in the game today!

Starting Room:

Man Utd: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Vidic, Evans (Neville - 72 '), Evra, FLETCHER, Carrick, Scholes (Tevez - 72'), Park (Giggs - 59 '), Ronaldo, Rooney.

FC Porto: Helton, Sapunaru, Rolando, Bruno Alves, Cissokho, Lucho, Fernando, Meireles, Lopez, Hulk, Rodriguez (Mariano Gonzalez - 80 ').


M.U: Rooney (15 '), Tevez (85')

Porto: Rodriguez (4 '), Mariano Gonzalez (89')


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