MU player low points "catastrophic" compared with Porto



Not as many people predicted, Tran MU - Porto took place more attractive and drama to the last minute by the DKVD island not to be the guests.

With poor performances on the customers and I to the currency in, the player MU "is" to Goal scoring is low. The points "floor" (average score) of Porto player has ngửa across the highest points on the MU. Below is a table of scoring player to participate in this game.

MU: lowest Neville, Rooney highest

Van der Sar (7): Except for 2 tables to the resistance to none, with a Netherlands has good players and a lot of time to lose the home. However, the lack of logistics vệ play focus have made him unable to make good their duties.

Scholes (18) and Carrick (16) does not complete tasks to keep this rhythm game. (Photo: Sun).

John O'Shea (5): O'Shea who have failed bỏ position second to none in table 2 of MU. Moreover, the logistics of the Republic of Ireland regularly to lose Cissokho in the dispute to the next.

Jonny Evans (4): Evans is infected error directly after ball to Cristian Rodriguez foot, leading to you losing MU's first 4 minutes now. Not only that, he also express the non not in a dispute situation.

Nemanja Vidic (6): This game is a failure with Vidic when he is not proven reputation of himself and the forerunner to the comfortable move, dangerous to the frame of Van der Sar.

Patrice Evra (6): Evra has mixed up some attacks and the risk of danger to turn off the in the team. However, he still occasionally arrested messages, especially in the United 1.

Cristiano Ronaldo (6): Ronaldo is still not very good and the little whist is more goal from mark. He has been playing well while high as a forerunner, but sometimes to smooth. One of the times that have made bids to MU in open area ratio of early Porto.

Darren FLETCHER (5): FLETCHER very active in the disputed area between the ground but often fail. FLETCHER can not keep the rhythm of the game when the enemy insurgent training at. While play was better in 2 and reached agreement to field in the half to the United ticket money but also not create any difference yet.

Paul Scholes (4): Scholes lười migration in the United 1 and often to smooth. With little improvement in the agreement first 2 minutes but he also can not be bám place to the end.

Michael Carrick (6): Carrick also has a bug in the table lost the first of Cristian Rodriguez. Moreover, the rhythm of the game took place too fast makes him confused. However, you have changes in the agreement and get 2 teams to play better.

Ji-Sung Park (5): Although frequently used in the game knock-out, Park had a 1 day work effectively though he still cầm soccer and many activities.

The individual tỏa am Rooney (left) and Tevez can not help MU win. (Photo: Sun).

Wayne Rooney (7.5): Rooney is the player the best player the MU. He ended judgments and points very well in the first goal, a gift on heaven falling. He is also a beautiful way conveyor with Tevez got to write you directly 2.

Preparation: Ryan Giggs (6): After the course, Giggs has contributed to more and slow rhythm of the game. Gary Neville (2): After making hairbreadth MU in the game with Aston Villa today Sunday, Neville has been put on the chairs are. However, after the course, he was Mariano waterfront, the default player for this particular need by. Carlos Tevez (6.5): Phase and Tevez's touch with Hulk may have led to the penalty of 1 May for arbitration is not blowing a penalty. Then, take advantage of Tevez has a good road team to increase ratio.

FC Porto: lowest Alves, Fernando highest

Helton (7): Helton does not have any mistakes during the game. He had many times of danger for the team's home, especially stinger tense as Ronaldo's statement.

Sapunaru (7): Sapunaru was stopping completely but each of danger caused by Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrice Evra.

Lucho Gonzalez (right) is the flash of a fast number to bill for Porto. Meanwhile, Evra rather fuzzy one. (Photo: Sun).

Bruno Alves (2) is best hậu protection of Porto, Alves has 1 game catastrophic harm. After conveyor line uncomely open for Rooney ratio, he continues to have errors in transmission Rooney for Tevez comfortable you try to write 2.

Rolando (5): Rolando had a good game, except in the wrong situations Tevez write table.

Cissokho (8): Cissokho play of the next comprehensive left and the result is very dangerous shortcut.

Raul Meireles (5): Meireles or to smooth and impressive only to leave only a 1 cú remote risk falling on the framework of Van der Sar.

Fernando (9): Fernando is the excellent match with a simple game that is extremely effective. New age 21, Brazil's TV also many opportunities to progress further.

Lucho Gonzalez (8): Lucho was playing well and have contributed in 2 Porto's goal.

Cristiano Rodriguez (8): Rodriguez made the Old Trafford ngỡ SVD coordinate phase make use of time, leading to the goal early on.

Hulk (7): After slow start, Hulk game was really confident and work effectively in the United 2.

Lisandro Lopez (7.5): Lisandro Lopez does not get much shade from the team. However, he still has some good points phase ended.

Preparation: Mariano (7): to be seen, Mariano has the expectations of the directly with you than gold. Tomas Costa (6.5).


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