MU rewriting history at the Dragao


The way that course is not flat and it is only for those who are proven in the home of a championship.

At Dragao, MU changed history when the team became United Kingdom leaving the first place with a victory. Has passed the time most difficult, you is full of confidence in conquering the peak season of this resolution.

90 minutes at the Dragao made for those who most incredulous must also believe that MU is back to real difficult time after the last time. 1-0 victory over their not hoành page, not the actual color (though phase as discussed by Ronaldo deserves is considered a great work), but enough to bring confidence to those who have been disappointed about MU a moss and tired in the game turns off. Since the string match to keep the system clean MU is stopped at number 14 in the match winning 2-1 Blackburn today 22 / 2, to the bedroom are considered the most stable Premier League has become the usual.

The disorder is linked to injuries and penalty cards made for bin system in 6 consecutive rounds in the Premier League. At the press conference after the game, the Ferguson has acknowledged that the return of Rio Ferdinand is an important help MU quật fell at Dragao Porto. It is not wrong. Ability to combine food of the central pair of protection level Rio-Vidic MU helped build a fence definitely safety first frame to van der Sar. On the basis that they can actively use the match before the landlord, and the star route are opportunities tỏa am. Ronaldo, who each carry a disappointed child in turn to match, has confirmed the value of a star. While we wait for money to tỏa this morning from the situation fixed (Lose fine, mark) he makes all of a sudden cú remote can not react to oil processors.

At Old Trafford last week, not just Ronaldo but not limited to the MU also play less enthusiastic. Main reasons: they can not of recovery time as 50 hours before the match play battle with Aston Villa. Also turns on in this match, MU has the double holiday, the player can accumulate enough energy for the dispute. Rooney continues to be a show of the explosive which has appeared in many points quite hot on the course, while, with Anderson at the line, the ability of disputes in the MU has to really hurt. Money to Brazil's rich power than Carrick, the enthusiasm food FLETCHER break, while the children are of course advantages than Scholes. MU has overcome the pressure of heavy psychological by no English team do win at Dragao in 12 times as guests before. This shows that the potency of the spirit is another important factor to help them win. Not only in Champions League, but also the rich target other ambitions.

When MU continually failed carpets before Liverpool, fulham, and Porto cầm Republic, many pen has confirmed that the team must pay this price because of the ambitious project called "quintuble" (in food) that they are pursued. It is also thought by understandable reasons pussy to situations such peril from overload when they play in too many schools as well as the pressure of the tag bám record. But now, MU showed that they had prepared for a good season great. From the back of the pillars to the spirit of the improvement after each game, MU have enough weapons for conquering all challenges.

And now, the goal is quintuble refers, but not a curl dè again, that attitude is more confident. MU has earned Carling Cup, Cup of Club TG, and more closer to the championship in 3 of the remaining steps in the firm. In the Champions League, to the general's continued MU quite clear when the competitor is coming to Arsenal. Compared to Barcelona, the team are in the room very well and Chelsea, anticipating the difficult hand magician Hiddink, the clear Arsenal are still competitor than comfortable.

In the Premier League, although only 1 point more than Liverpool, but MU still wide door championship because they play a match less. To the first round, when Liverpool face Arsenal in a room with a very high level of the MU's only a Wigan was more objective struggle. It is a time and can not be more favorable to the teachers but Ferguson is wearing out from Liverpool clicks. To serve their ambitions, MU will not "Release" titles any time.

Last week, you will step into the quarterfinal round FA Cup, Tournament poor reputation than the Champions League and Premier League, and next door to their still very bright when the competitor is only Everton. This is a team that failed to MU during 4 to 6 years and won 2 match mediation. Conversely, the second semifinal stress more when Chelsea will have to compete with Arsenal, teams from birth and strongly desire a title after years of white hands.


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