Previous rounds of 33 Premiership: Our Clients Anfield!



game promises the most exciting rounds of 33 by the UK Foreign hạng This is the first between the Liverpool and Arsenal. Team Benitez by are advantages to play on home ground Anfield. This is the opportunities for overcoming the Kop on MU in ranking.

Although both Liverpool and Manchester United must first week after the new participants within 33 Premiership, but the team port city who struggle early with the game early in 4th on 22 / 4, while the MU is have compensated the game with 27 rounds Portsmouth 1 day later. This is an opportunity to team owner Anfield ground reaching up position in the ranking, although the ability to survive only a day, but it is also a fairly big pressure for the team by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Failed in Champions League will force the player to concentrate on Liverpool in the Premiership all, by the only remaining in their season opens this year. Moreover, this aim is that their number 1, when the Cup by English football has "tear away" from Anfield ground a long time already. Potentially Steven Gerrard will return after the absence in the Champions League to the team title search that large CDV team has hope for Gerrard and the team still ... not the player of Liverpool. The return of captain Gerrard will be a signal for pleasure with the ability to attack by this team, especially with Torres, who is too familiar with the full support from your feet by the team brought Austria 8. People who see money in Spain do the players in the game with Chelsea last week to between, the game that Gerrard is not on course to support him.

Meanwhile, Arsenal again by the British Foreign hạng erethism necessary after winning 3-0 on the course before Villarreal Emirates, and named to match their Champions League semifinal with Manchester United. The CDV of the "fireworks capital" will certainly want the player's erethism bring this to the Anfield ground, brought the victory to continue to ensure the position 4 for a rate of Champions League soccer season in later. Also to continue to foster hope and beyond to create a line against lội cú Vocational entry to one championship in soccer last season as Wenger has speech last week. Phong's team of the capital London is also improved thanks to the return of the necessary pillars such as Walcott, Fabregas or Adebayor. With the two teams are shown in the last time, this promise will be a game very attractive.

One day later, fans football England will focus on battlefield compensation within 27 stone between Manchester United and Portsmouth. Previous winner Porto's Dragao on the course "The Red" rated very high and many people here hope will be a factor for pupils Alex Ferguson's search of the room as well as inspired play has helped them Liverpool away from a fairly safe 2 weeks ago. When Portsmouth have not yet recovered himself after Harry Redknapp "cut out the clothes" to 10 months last year, which is the Manchester United to continue to have a victory to maintain the top position by themselves. However, previously, on Sunday they will be difficult game and a warning will take more effort in the FA Cup semifinal before Everton.

A team has more strength in play this week as Chelsea. Like Manchester United, Chelsea will be back by Foreign ranked matches with the MU at the same time after experiencing a power struggle promises drastically with Arsenal in FA Cup semifinal. And it is accidentally when their competitor is back for the previous 3 days of MU, Everton. Chelsea is already too familiar with the history thickness specification matches, while Everton are not the team to regularly participate in the "run number" so. Moreover, they have to play on the Stamford Bridge ground, so the main advantages clearly not inclined toward David Moyes and pupils.

In the first between Aston Villa and West Ham is one of the game is interested in the first round this. The level of both teams promised will be a match for attractions. Besides, Tottenham and Newcastle, both teams suffered not at the trouble from the beginning of the season will meet at White Hart Lane, and this time, we continue to see Alan Shearer shows you how . Two teams are ranked in the top left (excluding Newcastle) will not encounter each other in the first round this. While West Brom continue to find the game on the floor of the Manchester City Boro will fulham on the floor after winning first impression Hull City in the first round before.


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