real: 9 million euros is all finished!


Updated report by AS, Kaka money to have the dynamics that he willing to enlist for Real in the transfer this summer. Problem is he will be how much money in this ...

Everyone knows, Kaka From a military plan back to the chair Real Madrid this summer by Florentino Perez. The owner of an empire the Galacticos at the Bernabeu would like to recruit Brazil will face a new, representing a new dynasty at Real. Has many times since the show attempts to grasp right back at "home page", Perez sent the equipment to connect touch with Kaka.

According to some information not in a few days ago, Perez has achieved preliminary agreement with Milan for Kaka sales. The sources are confirmed, "Golden Balls" Europe and the world in 2007 will join Bernabeu in the summer 2009 with the transfer fee is 60 million euro. However, until the present time, not have any of the time, including the Perez or Milan confirm the standard of the information.

Pay 9 million euros this new finish!

But yesterday, Kaka was up. Exactly is representative, is also a father's money to Austria are khoác Milan, he has Bosco Leite up. According to Tuesday's sports newspaper AS, yesterday, Leita has been meeting directly with first Florentino Perez. The two sides first step to placate. Accordingly, Kaka ready to leave Milan in white empire. Scabrous only is agreement on wages by recruitment of Brazil.

Leite he asserted that with Perez, the son he needs to become the highest paid in the world. More specifically, Mr. Perez will want to pay for salary Kaka 12 million euro per year. Of course, this amount excluding tax personal income. Taxed at the 25% is applied in Spain, the food charge if Kaka Top coffin Bernabeu (in the case suggested by Leite make the meeting) will be 9 million euros.

This is causing wages Florentino Perez must consider. By Kaka claim the offer is quite significant too. Indeed, now in Milan, recruitment of Brazil receives salary euro 9 million / season (after tax income is 6.2 million euro). With Clause 9 million euro which, Kaka has and is to receive the highest salary world, besides the money Ibrahimovic's Inter Milan. What he is receiving even higher than the current leaders Real, Raul forerunner. As a "yard" at the Bernabeu, the salary for each year of the Lord also Available only at 6 million euros.

AS has not given any information about feedback Florentino Perez's previous salary "khủng" that's Kaka made. But the dynamics of later investors phiet construction this shows that he is ready to accept the claim. By the last day, after the encounter between Florentino Perez and Mr. Leite, rumor has not only stopped at 60 million euros, Perez also dare to read more, namely 70 million euro transfer fee money for Milan .


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