Senna "constraints" Adebayor



money to pillars of that leg Villarreal Lose Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor is far can reach the world level.
While reservations are high with 3 copies of 2 recent match, especially trees ngả you to "beautiful on the net match at Villarreal last four turns to the Champions League 1 week ago, but money to the heads of "Tau underground gold" Marcos Senna for that Adebayor has not reached the world level, such as money in the legendary British, Thierry Henry.

Whether just write you directly to the beautiful network of Villarreal, but Adebayor can not be valued Senna

"Adebayor is not impressive for me. At his age and with what has been witnessed, it's difficult to find any player impressed me," Senna said.

"Adebayor is a good player, but not a super star of the right. He should strive more to reach the success that Henry has done for Arsenal."

Comments on the opportunity to go before the Villarreal match turns on the field with Arsenal Emirates, which Senna game absence due to injuries encountered in the match before losing 0-2 in Liga Malaga, money to pillars of the "underground Chinatown Gold "believe in the ability of team to go home.

"We have enough ability to win in London and now go forward. Villarreal now of course more powerful than Villarreal 3 years ago, by the current image we have in-depth than many."


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