Van Bommel to press the key



Player's 33 years old Netherlands have agreed to answer interview before the game between two teams in the Champions League tonight (14 / 4). However, he is very disappointed when the speech was his wrench.

According to the press director Markus Horwick of Bayern, Van Bommel requested the journalists to write and attach the the he said.

"Van Bommel has enthusiastically participate in the interview but what he said the resolution was a wrong way. The journalists have asked that he's Ribery capable player for Barca and he just answered that yes.

Therefore, I call upon all the news journalism that Spain has taken the wrong must be the key. Van Bommel has asked me to be aware of this issue "- Horwick explained.

Star Ribery still contract with Bayern in 2011 but to the rumor he will share hands team Germany more. Especially, Barca are considered "that party" ideal with Ribery and vice versa, this team also wanted him.

However, according to Van Bommel Horwick is still "desire to continue the team's season opens in Ribery to year."

In the article that caused the tumultuous media post, the speeches of leaders Bayern team is that he is engaging the French player to join Barca go.

"Franck told me that he want to play at Barca. He has the role is very important to Bayern player and is excellent in Germany. Walking Style Ribery's very appropriate to Barca because he not only dexterity but also to be very good.

Moreover, I think that will be good for Barca if he bought. I sure would like Ribery and a convenient "- radio RAC-1 led by Van Bommel, who each have 1 khoác Barca shirt before moving to first for Bayern.


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