Van der Sar Ferguson want to re-Rafting



Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar was called HLV Alex Ferguson will have changes in every bedroom if desired MU completed cú "eat 5" resolution in this season.

The weaknesses of a room recently back to haunt MU. In the game with Porto at the turn to League Champion, a bedroom was the forerunner to the comfortable shooting out of the Van der Sar. Consequences to the MU Porto removed immediately Republic minutes last game, after reaching to lead 2-1 in the first 85 minutes.

Very trying, but Van der Sar can not prevent air removed Porto 2-2 in the last minute match MU - Porto. (Photo: Getty Images).

Match eardrop two days on the course Old Trafford cause of MU fell into the very difficult when they must win or at least the air bill number in the 2-2 match turns before Porto. By not, they will soon become the former Champion League championship.

Goalie wires experience that Van der Sar was disappointed on display show MU's in the game with Porto and that you have to be changes in every bedroom.

"Porto win two of you are not playing by their excellence but because of the mistakes from bedroom us. Therefore, a bedroom we have changed focus and play in the match to "Van der Sar said.

"We retain the stability in long time by this season, and duties of current MU is recovered stability that."

Currently, MU has completed nearly half way in the campaign 5 championship this season, when they sit on the VDTG Club Cup and Carling Cup. However, dreams "eat 5" of the Fund is at risk of bankruptcy by the instability present in every bedroom.


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