Doug Kass’ Dr. Seuss Poetry


Doug Kass’ Dr. Seuss Poem

“Young man,” exclaimed the analyst,
“You’re sort of a fright!
You’ll never catch winners
On Jim Cramer’s site!

“The site is too small.
And, you might as well know it,
When brokers sell junk
Here’s the place that they throw it.

“You might catch a Bear
You might catch a Mae or a Mac
As in Fannie and Freddie
Or maybe a WaMu!

But listen, young man.
If you sat 50 years
With your worms and your wishes
You’d grow a long beard
Long before you’d catch winners!”

“Hmmm…,” answered Cramer,
“It may be you’re right.
I’ve written for hours
Without one single bite.
There might be no winners.
But, again, well, there might!

“‘Cause you never can tell
What goes on over time!
This site might be bigger
Than you or I find!”


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