Dr Seuss poems cat in the hat


The cat in the hat
With red and white stripes
With an exotic, exuberant face
Bringing chaos from one place to other

He does wacky things
To amuse the children
He makes everything he can
To make the children laugh

He yells, he jumps, he follows his id side
He laughs, he smiles, doesn't follows directions
He's white, and black, a mixed creation
He uses, a big bow, its red as the stripes

Is everything about fun
He can't think about more
Its time, to fix the damage
Can be fun, but not as a massage

The cat in the hat
Needs help to solve that
Thing 1, Thing 2
Will help forward all

The mom
Is close
She unlocks the door
Is hard, to know, the kids are cool
Normal, as before
Bye bye to the cat
~~Dr Seuss

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